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American Airlines App adds Siri functionality – how to use it and why publishers may use this

Estimated read time: 2 minutesAmerican quietly rolled out the functionality that allows users to add flight info to Siri. And I say “quietly” because it was showing up way at the end of 20 booked trips of mine in my app. Chances are not everyone […]

Hurricane recovery: Don’t give to the Red Cross if you are only doing it for the American Airlines miles

Estimated read time: 3 minutesAs another hurricane is bearing down on the East Coast of the United States the Red Cross is springing into action- as are other nonprofits. And of course those nonprofits can’t do the work without us donating money to them. I […]

Technology evolution: American Airlines now has mobile entry into at least one Admiral Club

Estimated read time: 2 minutesI’ve had an Admirals Club membership for a while feel it pays for itself with all the travel I’m doing. And one year I paid for it with miles anyway. With my love for useful technology I was especially happy when […]

How airlines can personalize services for their top frequent fliers even more [Customer service idea]

Estimated read time: 2 minutesI’ve had status on American Airlines for five years running now. The last two were as executive platinum- their top level. The service and perks are nice and include: Systemwide upgrades Drink and meal in main cabin Frequent and free upgrades […]

[Brand reputation] According to my LinkedIn, Ryan Airlines is the best and the worst – and they might both be true!

Estimated read time: 3 minutesCommunication and public relations can be interesting. As you know, I like to travel – in part because of all the stories you get from it. But this somewhat of a travel story, I didn’t even leave Cedar Rapids for. Due […]

How to use text messaging in your content strategy and customer service offerings

Estimated read time: 6 minutes For decades publishers have talked to me about doing more with text messaging. Let’s send breaking news via text The latest headlines Something content related But most of those texts blow. I don’t need a text that there is a […]