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Twitter shuts down Dashboard app

As you can see in my original post below, I liked the Dashboard app and even used it in place of the regular Twitter app for some time. As of early 2017, Twitter announced it will shut the app down and start integrating it into the main app. Good call! You can see my 2016 […]

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EMAIL MARKETING: How I grew my email list 5 percent in one day with one small website update 

Email works. It’s not dead. People still get emails and even read some of them. And that’s one reason why email subscriber lists are one important aspect of any content marketing strategy.  Email marketing  is an easy way to stay connected with people who actually want to read our stuff. I’m assuming here that none […]

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How to decide what tools to actually buy for your content marketing and social media implementation


January 18, 2017


Many days I’m tempted to buy something new. Some new tool or gadget that will promises to help me collect and tell better stories. The list goes on and changes over the years: Audio recorders Drones Fancy lavalier mics Other kinds of microphones Lighting for my home office for videos Lighting to take along – […]

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FACEBOOK LIVE: Why is text backwards on Facebook Live?


January 18, 2017

Social media

This article discusses how to ensure that text is not showing backwards on Facebook Live.

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UPDATED: How to do Instagram live video and how to turn Instagram live video notifications off 

As Instagram Live is rolling out in phases around the globe, here's what you can expect when you get it.

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What are the best ways to promote your website content?

It’s super hard to build an online community or following simply through creating great, useful and unique content.   The best stories going unheard – yet not untold – have little impact.  So how do we get our content in front of people? Here’s a step-by-step guide.  Step 1 Create highly unique content that is […]

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Is authentic storytelling content marketing still a differentiator when everyone does it?

Here’s the scenario:  Two competitors both use similar authentic storytelling content marketing techniques. They all read my book, which you can order here.Ha. But seriously, let’s take that scenario. Is this technique still usable when everyone – including our competitors – use it? Totally! Yes. Yes. You own your stories and others own theirs.  Many […]

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When is it okay to block somebody on social media?


January 12, 2017

Social media

I love how social media lets us connect with people around the world. But sometimes we also connect with people who are: Rude  Annoying  Obnoxious  Offensive  Etc. For the most part, I do think these are also qualifiers to consider blocking somebody. Ultimately, blocking is a personal (or brand) decision.  Blocking on social media means […]

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Social media strategy: Purpose without ability won’t get you there either

One of the latest content marketing and social media checklist exercises includes this: What’s your why? Why are you doing or trying to do whatever it is you are trying to do? I do this too – myself and with clients – and it does actually help us figure out why we should advance an organization’s […]

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How to EASILY use Facebook Video Captions in Minutes [SOCIAL MEDIA]

Facebook Video captions have become a lot easier! Facebook Video captions have been possible for a while and people use them. I would certainly recommend them for everyone who uploads videos to Facebook because many people watch videos on mute. Plus, with auto-playing videos in our feeds, it’s important to give Facebook viewers an idea […]

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Why many social media talks at conferences are a waste of time


January 7, 2017

Social media, Speaking

I love blogging, implementing social media strategies and also speaking at conferences. First, it helps me spread the message and techniques of authentic storytelling, which includes social media. It also gets me to see the world. Here’s a look at my confirmed travel for 2017 so far:  So there’s some value in speaking at conferences […]

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Here’s the only way to make sure your social media campaign does not backfire

A social media campaign might “backfire” from time to time and then some of us – usually those people not in charge of running campaigns – second guess and hold up that something negative happened. Usually a “backfiring” social media campaign looks like this: Company invites people to share their stories and experiences with the […]

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Why To Not Just Repurpose Existing Content


January 5, 2017

Content gathering

Here’s a quick video I did on this important topic. You can’t be unique by copying others. 

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