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How Saturday Night Live draws views by publishing 18 YouTube clips right after the TV show

YouTube continues to be a great way to share your video content and I blogged about how the channel owns my TV viewing here. I’ve also written about how people need to stop dumping just raw footage on the network. During the week I often watch the late-night shows in the morning after they were […]

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Are LinkedIn groups still worth the effort?

As for many things in digital marketing the answer of course is: it depends. As a consumer, I haven’t used LinkedIn groups myself very much and turned off email notifications for them a long time ago. It was just too much spam and too much chest bumping by members of those groups. To get us […]

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Why some articles on the web are just too long

The debate surrounding the length of content online will likely rage on. Shorter, no longer, wait – medium-sized. 🛑 Stop ✋ Please. Create useful content and it won’t make a difference how long your content is. But, Google in late 2017 declared web content under 300 words to be thin. So maybe above 300-word blog […]

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Technology evolution: American Airlines now has mobile entry into at least one Admiral Club

I’ve had an Admirals Club membership for over a year and feel it pays for itself with all the travel I’m doing. And this year I paid for it with miles anyway. With my love for useful technology I was especially happy when I saw a new tech rollout while visiting the club at the […]

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Should conferences allow or encourage attendees to live tweet sessions? 

In 2017 the American Diabetes Association held its conference and posted tweets asking attendees to delete tweets that contained photographs from sessions: Eric Topol, the healthcare thought leader, responded with this below, saying it’s 2017: From what I saw on Twitter many attendees did delete the tweet that they were asked to delete. But a […]

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Should we be afraid of people building their own personal brands?

No. For the most part – especially in marketing-related businesses. Let’s dive into the topic of brand building… One of the most asked questions I get is if I run my own agency, am a freelancer or independent. I get it. I’m loud. I blog. I speak. I tweet. I likely will come on your […]

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LINKEDIN: How – and mostly why – you should create a business page pronto!

Christoph Trappe

December 27, 2017

Social media

Interestingly I’ve only created one LinkedIn page from scratch. I’ve worked with many LinkedIn pages for clients and my companies over the years but I’ve never created one from scratch myself. 🤷‍♂️ Of course all the instructions online when you Google how to do it were outdated. Things change so fast. Despite this fact, I […]

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How getting on a blogging schedule will help you stay on track 

This article discusses the ins-and-outs of scheduling content and how to get on a blogging schedule and how to stay on it.

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