Sharing valuable and educational information everywhere – including the sidewalk – in content marketing 

As you hear me say frequently, I’m a big believer in and practitioner of Create Once, Publish Eveywhere (aka COPE) Sometimes  people take that to mean digital only, but COPE actually applies to all channels.  Gather content once and then share it everywhere. That could include digital channels – like blogs, social media and display ads  – and […]

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Why every strategist needs a team to execute content marketing strategies

As I’m continuing to help  hospitals and health plans coast to coast start and implement their content marketing, content creation, social media and eNewsletter strategies one thing has become super clear in the last 5-10 years: Content marketing and storytelling is a team effort. I notice this especially when I hear some speakers at conferences […]

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Why age 13 is too late for children to get on social media the first time

You may have heard that children aren’t allowed to get social media accounts until age 13. The reasons are well-intentioned and make sense. For example, children could be exposed to mean and dangerous things on social media. The same is true offline. See: Children could be exposed to mean and dangerous things IN LIFE. And […]

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How Instagram helps us recognize shareable moments and tell even better stories 

One of the things I like about Instagram is that – at least in theory – it’s actually harder to share content than it is on Twitter or Facebook. Taking good photos takes a different level of effort and even skillset. On those other two networks, you can share blog post links or quick soundbites […]

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What I’ve learned from the blog-to-book strategy

Now that my first book is out and available on Amazon, it’s a good time to reflect on what worked well and what I have learned for my next books’ productions. During the summer of 2015, I publicly announced that I was writing that book. Yes, that helped and even though nobody was officially checking in on me […]

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Business travel tip: Don’t forget where you are! Enjoy it at least a bit!


July 18, 2016

Stories, Training

I travel a lot. And I love it. You may say it’s part of my story. Ha. Yes, I miss my family, but we FaceTime and most of my trips are short. Think 1-3 days. Even international trips have typically been under a week. But on all my trips – no matter how short I […]

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Live social media video: What to do when somebody calls while you are on-air


July 15, 2016

Social media

The other day I was doing a live Periscope when my phone rang. I was surprised. What should I do? My phone never rings. Ha. People text or email usually.  Since I was a bit startled, I answered the call and, of course, that stops the Scope cold. No wrap-up with the viewers. No goodbyes. […]

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Why it can be okay for organizations to share stories that might appear conflicting

We have to stay on message. On brand. Etc. Etc. I get it. It’s important that our brand is representing what it is, but it’s too easy to apply old school marketing techniques to the new world of integrated marketing and authentic storytelling. One area where message alignment continues to come up is in content […]

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Click Asia content strategy webinar: How to find the zone of mutually relevant content 


July 13, 2016


I’m partnering with Click Asia for this new webinar on July 28. It’ll happen at 4:30 p.m. India time (6 a.m. Chicago time). OVERVIEW Too many are creating content that is self serving, but the trick is to create content and experiences that are mutually beneficial to the consumer and the organization. Consumers should find […]

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Honored to be listed in Top 5 of top healthcare social media people


July 11, 2016


Healthcare IT News published the Top 5 of the annual HIT100 list of top healthcare social media participants on July 11. There were 2,700 nominations and I’m honored to be listed at No. 2. It’s great to continue helping healthcare organizations coast to coast share better stories. Thanks to everyone that voted. Read more here.

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