ROUND-UP: Tips on SEO, link building and content marketing 


August 27, 2016


The E2M Blog assembled knowledge from 45 industry experts – including me -on these tightly related topics.  I talk about the importance of integration of channels, when to use an editorial calendar and when to ignore it and the importance of unique content for local and global SEO. You can read the full post, which […]

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Why news media and content marketers can’t just publish what everyone else is publishing 

News publishing and content marketing publishing have a lot in common and here’s another one to add to the list: Publishing what everyone else is publishing won’t set you apart.  Let’s start with content marketing in health care. February is Heart Month and many healthcare organizations publish healthy heart tips or how to spot a […]

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My No. 1 tip for content marketing success!


August 24, 2016


The Content Marketing Institute published a post with  No. 1 tips for content marketing success from 15 content marketing experts and included me. Surprise, surprise! My tip was that organizations need to tell better and more unique stories.  You can read the full post with tips from Rand Fishkin, Marcus Sheridan, Jay Baer and others […]

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Once you have an audience, don’t exploit it, but offer even more value!

Social media, blogging, really anything online (and offline, too) is really a numbers game.  The more relevant audience members (aka interested community members) you connect with the more impact your content can make and that ultimately leads to more meaningful connections and also business conversions.  More things to read:  How to find your organization’s content […]

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Why production time isn’t always the best way to measure content marketing effectiveness 

I solve problems and mentally write blog posts while getting gas, going on a run and sometimes while taking a shower. That, of course, happens because our brains are freed up to think about those problems and stories without artificial pressures. That’s why some of us – me, too – wake up at 2 a.m. […]

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I have to be authentic because my face can’t keep anything else straight 


August 20, 2016


I enjoy seeing action photos of myself speaking, doing trainings or during other interactions. The facial expressions are not staged and real. It’s not that I enjoy seeing myself, but seeing the real facial expressions is a good reminder of how we might as well get used to being our authentic self and how that […]

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Every interaction leaves an impression – even the ones you don’t remember 


August 19, 2016


This can actually appear unfair to some people especially when to those seen as leaders or have authority, but it’s reality:  Every interaction has impact and that’s either positive or negative.  Sometimes, we may not even remember some interactions, because in our world it was a minor thing. The other person saw it differently.  We […]

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How to avoid having unrealistic expectations in content marketing

Let’s publish and go for 1 million viewers… by tomorrow.  That sounds like a good dream but not a realistic  goal for many brands and organizations who are just getting started in content marketing.  We all start at zero audience though some of us have an existing audience that helps us start a bit higher. […]

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