Miami blog-to-book workshop: Refer a friend, get a free and signed copy of my book


June 29, 2016


I’ll be doing a workshop on how to turn your blog into a book on July 16,2016, as part of Social Tech Live in Miami.  I’ll also discuss why you’d even want to consider doing this. As many of you know, I was fighting the trend to publish a book for a long time, but […]

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[ANALYSIS] Why not to overthink publishing schedules based on user behavior 

I’m a big fan of analysing what is working and why it’s working, but there is also the flip side of overthinking things and mis-analyzing them.  When to publish stories or social media posts fits there.  Social media research changes constantly on when the best times to publish are. Publish at 1. No 3. On […]

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[CUSTOMER SERVICE] How to get your nonrefundable hotel stay (or anything) refunded

My favorite rule is always the one that says: You may disregard our 5,252 rules when it helps you provide better customer service. And – just for the record – this is not a post about how to cheat businesses out of what you owe them. It’s about how to get refunded what you didn’t […]

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Facebook or Twitter advertising? What works better?

The answer depends a bit on your definition of “works.” I ran a test using my June “Mean Tweets” post and video. I posted this to Facebook and Twitter. Same wording, same picture, same link.  I promoted both posts, each for $50. Twitter’s promotion started right away and didn’t appear to allow me to choose […]

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UPDATED: How to save Periscope livestreams for longer than 24 hours

June 24, 2016 update  Once you finish your Scope scroll down to change the expiration of the video. Here’s how it looks as of today:  May 28, 2016 update  According to Social Media Examiner all Scopes are now saved by default. Another example of how quickly things change in the social media world. May 2016 update  […]

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Our place of work is one piece of what makes us us

When I attend conferences and meet other people in general (especially if we don’t know each other from Twitter or another social network) the first question often is this: “Where do you work?” And I want to respond: “Why does that matter?” Of course, I don’t say that because, well, I’m polite. 🙂 Sometimes. But, […]

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How to effectively deal with negative feedback 

We all get negative feedback from time to time. It stings at first, but we can learn from it, and and it can help make us better.  For the most part, I’ve been hitting my stride sharing the message of authentic storytelling through the book, speaking, blogging, implementation and training. For the most part. Every […]

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Why it’s important to document intent [CHANGE LEADERSHIP]

Because you did this one thing this other negative thing happened to me.  Grrr. It stings more if we think it was on purpose. And remember people jump to conclusions if they don’t know all the details.  Recommended reading:  When people jump to conclusions Our actions and stories impact others. Sometimes unintentional and sometimes we’ll […]

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First impressions of the YouTube directors app: A great storytelling tool! [SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO]


June 19, 2016

Social media

The new YouTube Directors App for Businesses can help you tell better stories  through video. It’s quite easy to use. YouTube didn’t pay me to say that but I just downloaded the app and gave it a try. I shot this video completely on my iPhone and finished the “edit” in minutes. I say that […]

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Periscope button inside Twitter app got me back into live video [SOCIAL MEDIA]

Twitter in June 2016 added this Periscope live button in the Twitter app: I did notice it right away and thought that Periscope was now integrated into the Twitter app. Wouldn’t that be awesome and super easy? Broadcast right there from within the Twitter app. That dream was short lived. Pushing the button opens the […]

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Why Periscope live video should also include timeless content [SOCIAL MEDIA]

I had hopped off the Periscope bandwagon for a while here. Why would I spend time live broadcasting something on the Twitter-owned app that was being viewed by just a handful of people? It didn’t seem worth it, but Periscope has made some changes.  Scopes, what live streams are called, can now remain public for […]

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