Why thought partnership is the next level of thought leadership

So many out there want to be experts, gurus or thought leaders. Some of the thought leaders out there are even worth following and listening to. They have good ideas. Some are entertaining. And some have no clue what they are talking about. I personally follow thought leaders and see the value in people branding […]

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How to be more like an eight-year-old when sharing our authentic stories

At the end of an October 2016 family trip, my eight-year-old daughter found a “writing lamp” in the hotel room and started writing as we were packing up on the last day. She was basically writing down the most important things from the trip and was telling a story.  How they went to the zoo, […]

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Why do we blame people for telling us the truth?

Hearing the truth – especially when it’s negative – can hurt. It’s so much easier to live in la-la land where everything is great. In reality, even when most things are great there are always some that aren’t. “Hearing the truth – especially when it’s negative – can hurt.” – @ctrappe Click To Tweet When […]

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How journalists can establish their personal brand for content marketing success 

One way for journalists, and really just about anyone, to get into content marketing is by having a strong brand. Of course the first step in getting a strong brand is to build one – in part through participation. There are certainly many self-proclaimed experts out there who don’t practice what they preach but somehow ended […]

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Speaking engagements: Why I always like to check out the venue when nobody is around


October 25, 2016

Stories, Training

When I speak – especially at venues new to me – I always try to see the location where I will be speaking before speaking. Often that’s the night before or earlier that same day before the talk, when there are no attendees or organizers around. It helps me visualize what it looks like, where […]

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Changing language: How do you push “any button” on the Apple Watch during phone calls?

The language we use can evolve because: People accept and use what used to be wrong. (Singular “their” anyone? Journalists can now use “over” instead of “more than” as another example). Technology evolves and what we just said doesn’t work anymore. I’ll focus on technology here today, though, I realize point No. 1 would likely […]

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NEW: How to edit LinkedIn status updates 


October 24, 2016

Social media

It used to be that typos in LinkedIn status updates meant we had to either live with the typo or delete the status, fix the typo and repost. Neither way was perfect. But as of October 2016 – when I noticed it – we can now edit live posts and just push that updated version […]

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Why “being busy” shouldn’t be a content marketing success metric

This brochure, blog post, whatever piece of content I just finished took me a while to produce. Hours that added up to days and maybe even weeks, but I don’t even want to consider the actual amount of time it took, because, well, that’s a lot! Wow, it took that long to produce this thing? […]

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KEYNOTE VIDEO: The six steps to tell better stories

I spoke to the Iowa CPA conference in Des Moines in October 2016 and shared these six steps you need to take to share authentic stories to be successful. (I start at 1:18 mins if you want to fast forward to there.) In summary, here are the six steps with short overviews: 1) The decision […]

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How come I can’t see how many people like other Facebook pages anymore?

Oct. 26, 2016 update: Maybe the below was a test by Facebook but things are back to normal and likes are visible on the main page.  Oh no, what happened to seeing my competitor’s Facebook following? Where did it go? Comparing our social media “performance” to others is important to many brands out there, and Like count […]

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Why it’s important to keep track of your search engine rankings [Google Search Console]

Search is not dead – in case anyone was wondering or about to declare it to be. 🙂 In 2016, about 70 percent of all traffic to this content marketing blog came from search engines. That’s an interesting statement for a social media guy. Social media, by the way, sent 11 percent of all traffic […]

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